Recent Work

Blue painting black tree
Blue painting black tree

What I Offer

Online Classes

I give painting lessons every Wednesday and Thursday.

At Meeting place Ommoord, John Mottweg 104, 3069 VT, Rotterdam.

Private Classes

You can make appointments with me for private classes.


Exposition: Kunstwinkel Binnenhof, Binnenhof 98, 3068 JW Rotterdam

The entire month of June

Exposition: Kunst en Muziek Podium, Prinsenpark.

Roaring Twenties theme. Free entrance.

Sunday 12 June, 13:00 - 17:00

About Me

I am Roza Dzhakova, a Bulgarian artist based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I have been attracted to the art since my childhood, I followed painting lessons from an early age. Later in my life I studied fine arts for a master’s degree. The Last couple of years I have been working as a freelancer: making paintings, murals, working on commissions and giving painting lessons. Acrylic and oil paint have been my prefered mediums so far, but I am not limited to those. People and the environment around me are my sources of inspiration. I believe that people and the environment are in a continuous process of development and have great influence on eachother. Another one of my greatest passions is colour. I love discovering how colours connect with, and impact our emotional and psychical balance. I want to share with you my paintings, sketches, process videos, upcoming exhibitions and events. My artworks are available for sale. Feel free to contact me about prices.

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